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Nuevora Differentiators

Nuevora's Big Data Analytics & Apps Platform (nBAAP TM) and Sutherland's SCAN

Nuevora's leading edge analytics expertise will bolster the development of Sutherland's data analytics services platform, enabling them to offer smart Business Process Management services powered by Nuevora's proprietary Big Data Analytics & Apps Platform (nBAAP TM)

Heuristic Data Management

Complete data management services with built-in heuristics enable easy handling of big data environments in addition to disparate, siloed, inconsistent and incomplete data.

Efficient Rules Management

Using relevant domain and modeling expertise, Nuevora’s solutions incorporate smart business rules, which help provide deep business insights.

Robust Algorithms for Multiple Hierarchies

Dynamic modeling process, coupled with strong validation and diagnostics, ensures robustness of the algorithm generated for multiple hierarchies, i.e., time periods, product categories, customer segments and geographies.

Incremental Recalibration

Trigger-based recalibration processes tailor models at a faster pace to adapt to ever changing market conditions.

Customer-centric Solutions

Nuevora delivers analytics that are problem-specific, and based on a value chain framework, providing actionable insights for various levels of an organization.

Nuevora Advantage

Singular Focus

We have a singular focus: helping our customers drive profitable growth through mission-critical predictive business insights.

Our expertise, processes and culture are designed to ensure all our business analytics-based solutions garner increasing customer returns. We are committed to delivering superior value to our customers at every turn by delivering context-sensitive and actionable analytics that significantly impact our customers’ growth and profitability.

Proven Results

We’ve delivered numerous standout customer analytics solutions to Fortune 500 companies and have expertly analyzed millions of campaign communications across multiple industries, including the financial services, high tech, telecom and retail sectors. We leverage this experience to build best-in-class solutions and cross-industry best practices, which our customers’ can leverage to gain superior outcomes.

Operational Expertise

The leadership team at Nuevora has decades of real-world experience in executing data-driven decision making and achieving operational excellence across marketing, sales and product/brand management in some of the leading global corporations. This hands-on experience translates directly into higher levels of alignment with our customers’ objectives.

Multi-level Engagement Methodology

Nuevora has been successfully delivering analytics solutions to its customers using its proven global delivery model across varying levels of project complexity, scale, and longevity, thus ensuring our customers are afforded a smooth and efficient short-term and long-term relationship value.

Today, we are evolving our delivery models to include targeted analytic apps that marry our deep understanding of data science, business processes, expertise in outsourcing, and on-demand technology into a suite of business-process-as-a-service (BPaaS) solutions.

Superior Talent

Nuevora comprises world-class teams with diverse skill sets in management and consulting, data science, research and statistics, and technology. Our customers work with MBAs and Ph.D.’s in statistics and software engineering. Together, we ensure that we deliver significant results to our customers.

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