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Customer Acquisition Growth

Customer acquisition is a broad term that is used to identify the processes and procedures used to locate, qualify and ultimately secure the business of new customers.

Starting a new business, entering new geo or market segments, innovating new products, exploiting adjacent market spaces, decreasing brand loyalties, infrequent repeat purchases and low switching costs: all this requires focus on customer acquisition processes. Business Analytics can help firms leverage the vast repositories of customer, transactional, campaign, market and channel data to model the response to campaigns, identify target segments and optimize the media spend and media mix.

With our Customer Acquisition Apps, we help our partners:
  • Analyze and model customer behavior
  • Optimize campaign strategy
  • Optimize media spend and media mix
  • Identify profitable prospective customer segments and market spaces
  • Identify the products most likely to be purchased

Customer Retention Growth

The true health of a business closely relates to how well it can acquire and retain customers. An organization’s ability to provide value drives its customer retention, which impacts the success of the entire business.

Organizations have to look for ways to gain critical insights into customer interactions and relationships to enhance retention - not only because customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention, but also because customer retention drives competitive advantage in the long-run. Analytics can help firms leverage the vast repositories of transactional, demographic, behavioral and psychographic data to model their customers’ purchase patterns and behavior. This enables them to identify potential churners and their characteristics, time of churn, triggers to churn, impact on revenue and profitability, etc., allowing firms to effectively optimize resources.

With our Customer Retention Apps, we help our partners:
  • Identify revenue & customer leakages
  • Identify top & bottom line driving segments
  • Profile & predict churn
  • Identify cross & up sell opportunities
  • Predict customer purchase patterns
  • Outline customer satisfaction drivers
  • Optimize sales, service channels, and campaigns aross customer segments

Customer Value Growth

The growth of a business is fueled by maximizing the wallet share and life-time profitability of its customer base … whether you call it “customer relationship management” or just good business.

Customer Value Growth aims at increasing a company’s revenue by helping it synchronize and effectively manage the vital components of an improved customer experience — knowledge, technology, people, strategy, and tactics — in continuous alignment with its executive vision. Business Analytics can help firms leverage vast repositories of customer data to model consumer purchase patterns and behavior to generate predictive intelligence about future needs. Acting on such intelligence, organizations can devise customer value growth strategies like cross sell, up sell, next best offer, etc., and reinforce the customer’s decision to buy from you again.

With our Customer Value Apps, we help our partners:
  • Model customer purchase behavior
  • Predict customer-product & customer-offer affinities
  • Predict segment migrations & profiles
  • Identify cross & up sell opportunities
  • Understand customer stickiness drivers
  • Maximize customer profitability
  • Improve customer lifetime value
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