Mortgage Banking
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Making IT Work for Mortgage Bankers

Managing Early Payoff

  • What are YOUR drivers of early payoff?
  • Proactively reach out to those accounts most at risk
  • What proportion of last month's early payoff was marketed BEFORE they called for a payoff amount? - How many did you save by moving them into a new mortgage? - Which tactics worked and which did not?
Define Your Objectives
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Managing the Marketing Spend

  • Attribution modeling enables accountability and contribution management of the spend by channel, program or campaign
  • Understand and optimize the return on the marketing investment (ROI-Marketing)
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The Last Mile of Big Data

  • Platform Delivery ensure solutions are timely and actionable for the business
  • Visualization - Empowers business owners with short time-to-decision
  • Cloud implementation - Enables 'always optimized' solution deployment
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