Objectives Streamlined. Insights Delivered. Goals Reached.
Nuevora's platform and connected App suite enable analytics across the entire Business processes. Our proven, objective-first model has supported top tier firms capture maximum value from their data. From acquisitions, to retention, to customer Lifecycle Value, our Apps support your every need and complement your processes, streamlining decision making and boosting your business to greater heights - all through the power of Analytics.
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Your Objectives

Nuevora's comprehensive app suite allows you to tackle almost any Marketing challenge.

Our team works with you to understand your goals and business objectives. The nature of our platform allows us to empower you with our analytics expertise, giving you maximum control of your business.

Define Your Objectives
  • Pre-Built
  • Industry
    Specific Best
  • Align
    "Ready-to-Act" Analytics with your Objectives
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  • Handle
    Multiple Data Sources
  • Rapidly
    Identify Relevant Data
  • Smarter Heuristics to close Data Gaps


Your Data Sources

Our flexible platform accomodates your data, no matter the shape or form.

Your business is unique, and so is your data. Whether an analytics provider can efficiently and effectively understand, capture, and process your data sources determines whether they can truly add value to your business.

Transactional Data

Collected from the transactional history of the customer (Sources include data about credit card usage and payment history).

Demographic Data

Collected from third-party sources or from customer applications (Sources include data about age, gender and education level).

Bureau Data

Collected from credit bureaus such as FICO.

Economic Data

Collected from the relationship view of a customer or from customer applications (Sources include data about income levels and investment products owned).

Behavioral Data

Collected from customer surveys or lifestyle bureaus (Sources include data about attitudes and interests).

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Your Outcomes

Nuevora's predictive modeling shows you what the future holds - who is going to churn, how a campaign will perform, and everything else the data reveals.

Our algorithms and models utilize comprehensive analysis and built in heuristics to guarantee maximum accuracy. Let us be the voice for your data, telling you the story of your business from the perspective of analytics.

  • 10x
  • 5x
    Scale Predict Multiple-Level Outcomes
  • 3x
    Deliver Higher Prediction Accuracy
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Your Tactics

Nuevora goes beyond predictive analytics, supporting you with prescriptive answers to your business challenges.

Many Big Data analytics firms stop at first level analytics, but Nuevora recognizes the value of making insights 'actionable.' We take our understand of your customers, data, and tactics, and show you what strategy will work best.

  • Tie
    Prescriptive Insights to Predictions
  • Enable
    Smarter Execution of your
  • Deliver Personalized Actions for Better Outcomes
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Your Results

Our platform is dynamic, continually recalibrating to fit the changing nature of your business.

Your business isn't stagnant, and neither is your data. Our flexible platform can continually incorporate new data, recalibrate, and offer the most up-to-date insights into your business.

  • Compare Predictions to Actions
  • Closed-Loop Recalibration for Optimal Results
  • Measure
    Impact on the Objective
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Your Impact

Our extended suite of apps gives you a unique opportunity to drive more value across your entire organization.

Marketing drives value across the entire business, from sales to strategy. You've solved one of your business' challenges, but many questions remain. Nuevora can help you answer them, using the same apps you're familiar with, the same rapid data capture process, and with the same results for your business.

  • Connected Apps to Infuse Analytics Across Marketing Lifecycle
  • Maximize Individual Outcomes
  • Balance
    Short & Long-term
  • Grow
    Customer Equity &
    Firm Value
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